About Belgian Economic Missions

The Belgian Foreign Trade Agency, in cooperation with the three regional agencies for the promotion of foreign trade Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) and hub.brussels and the FPS Foreign Affairs, organises two Belgian Economic Missions per year.

Upcoming missions


  • Public sector
  • Companies, universities, federations and chambers of commerce
  • Press


  • Testimonial BESIX Group

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    BESIX Group has participated to the Belgian Economic Mission Angola & South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia & Oman, Qatar & UAE, the United States – Texas, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Argentina & Uruguay and Morocco.
    Mathieu Ryckewaert, Public and Corporate Affairs at BESIX Group, gives a short testimonial.

  • Testimonial EnergyVision

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    EnergyVision has participated to the Belgian Economic Mission to Morocco and to China.
    Maarten Michielssens, Founder and CEO at EnergyVision gives a short testimonial.

  • Testimonial AMB Ecosteryl

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    AMB Ecosteryl has participated to the Belgian Economic Mission to Angola & South Africa, Saudi Arabia & Oman, Malaysia & Singapore, Colombia & Peru, Ivory Coast, Argentina & Uruguay, Morocco and Mexico.
    Olivier Dufrasne, President of AMB Ecosteryl gives a short testimonial.

Statistics belgian economic missions

Number of participants per mission

Since 2015, 3,323 participants took part in the Belgian Economic Missions
An average of 332 participants per mission
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Numbers of companies* per mission

Since 2015, 1,661 companies took part in the Belgian Economic Missions
An average of 166 companies per mission
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* Companies, universities, federations, chambers of commerce

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