trade balance January-March 2024After the first three months of 2024, Belgium ran a foreign trade surplus of about €5.9 billion, as opposed to a surplus of €1.4 billion after the equivalent period the year before.

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The Trade4U application was developed to send targeted international opportunities to the subscribed companies. Nearly 500 more general to very specific sources are regularly checked to filter out the most interesting opportunities. In 2023, more than 17,500 trading opportunities were distributed.


Always new opportunities

These business opportunities are sent based on the company profile registered in the exporters' database. This identification is based on two criteria: the definition of the commercialised products and services on the one hand and the target markets (countries) on the other. Based on this, only the relevant information is disseminated. The company profile can be changed at any time.

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Creating consortia

Available for iOS and Android, for smartphones and tablets, the application offers an essential function: creating consortia. Belgium consists mainly of SMEs, it is common that a company is not big enough to only respond to quotations issued by large international institutions. Once they agree to share contact information, a company can indicate its interest in an opportunity. The Belgian Foreign Trade Agency will connect the various interested parties. What's more, subscribers can participate free of charge in two major annual seminars organised by the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency.

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  1. Programme Belgian economic missions 2024 and 2025!

    The website of the Belgian Economic Mission to Norway is now closed, the app will still be available for a while longer #BEmissionNOR. The next Belgian Economic Mission will be heading to Brazil from 22 November until 1 December 2024 #BEmissionBRA.
  2. Belgian Economic Mission to NORWAY 16 - 19 June 2024 - DAY 3

    #BEmissionNOR (16-19/06) - DAY 3 – To kick-start the third and final day of the Belgian Economic Mission to Norway, the traditional Success Stories Breakfast was organised, which allowed Belgian SMEs and their Norwegian partners to share their successful partnership with HRH Princess Astrid and the Ministers.


Discover TRADEXPLORER, our new website containing all possible figures on foreign trade. You will find global indicators, reporting by product or country of your choice, as well as a data table generator to specify and export data.

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