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The Belgian Economic Mission to Australia will take place from 23 to 27 October 2023 (travel times not included).

Website and mobile application

The BFTA publishes a temporary website under the URL www.belgianeconomicmission.be, as well as a mobile application "Belgian Economic Misson" for iOS and Android users, with background information on the different activities, company profiles and contact details of the participants, documents related to the mission: country study, bilateral trade note, useful information guide, press releases, etc.


  • Bilateral trade sheet Australia

    This sheet gives an overview of the bilateral trade relations between Australia and Belgium.

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  • Bilateral trade note Australia (April 2018)

    In addition to general information on GDP, inflation, population, global imports and exports, and the unemployment rate, this paper contains an analysis of bilateral trade with the United Kingdom, as well as an overview of the main import and export sections.

    cover bilateral trade note