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Belgian foreign trade barometer

Trade Balance (in billions of euros)
Description Billions of EUR
Q1-Q2 2015 9.1
Q1-Q2 2016 14.0



Obituary M. Koen Vanheusden

With great regret we inform you that our valued colleague, Koen Vanheusden, passed away on Monday 12 September.
Koen Vanheusden was Director and Legal Advisor at the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency. He was also involved in many international projects including ICC work and Incoterms. He was passionate about his work and appreciated by many.
He was an intelligent man, a great trainer but above all a generous yet humble colleague and friend.

You can express your condolences to his family on

The General Management, Mrs. Fabienne L’Hoost and M. Marc Bogaerts

Koen Vanheusden - obituary notice Only available in Dutch

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